Works for Clarinet and Piano by Turkish Composers

Emirhan Tuğa, a clarinet soloist whom I admire, due to his devotion to his country despite living in Netherlands for many years and his virtuoso performing ability, is the name that has become prominent in woodwind instruments. I closely witnessed how he chased down some forgotten compositions produced for clarinet during the early Republican period. He found the composers and talked to them about their work and included these pieces in performances. Tuğa’s efforts led to the creation of a recital program consisting of Turkish compositions produced for clarinet and piano. Emirhan Tuğa, who is equally fond of folkloric and “maqam” compositions, new music, jazz and avant-garde, has created an archival collection CD which can be enjoyed by curious listeners, music historians and musicology experts. The recording reflects the diversity of the Turkish compositions produced for clarinet-piano over the last 90 years.

Şefik Kahramankaptan- Culture and art journalist, music author

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